New RadRover owner - Accesesories?


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My new RR should be here in a couple weeks and I'm thinking about adding some stuff. :)
Anyone add a water bottle? Rack? New lights?
Got any recommendations? Any tips for a new owner?
Thanks y'all!


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I'll check it out!
I'm new to all this stuff. There is a dizzying amount of stuff out there. I'm not sure what will be compatible with the Rover.
Do you know if it's easy to install myself? I have literally no bike maintinence experience.
I think my last bike had a banana seat. :)

I'm am really looking forward to communing by bike. See ya later car!

Ann M.

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My personal preference when it comes to lights, especially a front headlight is to go for lots of lumens. So I use a 1200 lumen Cree headlight with a rechargeable lithium pack on commuting days. It's a bit overkill for an average daytime commute; however, if you ride much when it's really dark, these lights help you see potholes and foolish car drivers :). The headlight has high & low beams and a flashing mode which adds to your daytime visibility/safety.

Bike maintenance experience comes from jumping in and just starting with the basics @eRock . Keep the tires at the proper pressure (that number in psi is on the side of the tires), wipe and lube the chain with a bike chain lube, not WD-40 which is more of a cleaner or solvent. Check the bolts located around the bike for snugness; stuff works loose over time and normal bumping on roads. A basic metric tool kit is good for this; even a pocket sized all-in-one foldable tool set works. Read the owner's manual and any online material available from the manufacturer about typical maintenance. Most brakes are pretty straight forward to adjust and if they're hydraulic disc brakes you won't need to do to much to them in most cases. If the owner's material doesn't explain brake adjustment for your bike, do an internet search on the topic--there are easy to follow YouTube videos on the subject and pretty much anything written by Sheldon Brown concerning bikes is worth a read.

Looking forward to hearing about your adventures on the Rad Rover eRock!


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Thanks so much for the words of encouragement and info. Hoping my Rover will be here soon.
In the meantime I've been riding my wife's new RadWagon to work. So great. Makes commuting much more enjoyable and I'm getting exercise!
My 5 year old also seems to really enjoy riding on the back. ;)