New Rhino noises...


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68 miles in now and loving the bike overall but 3 niggles: Gears need indexing which I will get done locally. But this leaves two things which are squeaking brakes, especially the front which whilst going along and not actually using the brake. A light touch on the front brake usually gets rid of it and then slowly it comes back. The other concerns me more which is a creaking from the crank under heavier loads. I used assembly grease on the pedals and they are as tight as I dare. Rad suggested checking the torque of the crank and bottom bracket which again I have checked with a torque wrench but this has made no difference.
Any ideas or shall I leave it all to my LBS?


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I've traced noises I thought were in the crank are to the seat itself. With one ear I hear great, but have NO sense of direction when it comes to tracking down the noise. As it turns out, my butt rocking back and forth on the seat was making all the noise (the seat, not my butt).