New Riese Müller E-bike owner


Hi all,
my wife and I are from Belgium, we hiked for many years: backpack, tent, Peru, Annapurna, New Zealand, Alaska, Scotland...but both over 60Y.O. now, backpacksand equipment feels heavier. Before the virus hit Europe we already had in our mind to buy an e-bike which would give us the possibility to go offroad or gravel too... We discovered Riese Müller, the Superdelite...tried it and ouch...we bought 2 full options! Since a month now we are cycling around home (confinement rules obliged), but this made us discover a new world: those bikes are just great! Comfortable with full suspension, able for off road, able to carry loads, and with their 2 new batteries and new motor from Bosch, able to cycle empty (according to computer and our short test) around 280km in eco mode!
We are planning a week trip in the Eiffel this month and probably more if all goes well. I read a lot of interesting things on this forum, so I'll try to share our European experience.
Anyone from Europe?


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Welcome JP and also your wife, you have probably the best ebike made. It sounds like you’re having a wonderful time and what better way is there to travel when you’re out and about.
We look forward to seeing your photos.


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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new bikes! They sound terrific. Let's see some photos!

And yes, there are lots of members here from Europe, but I'm from Canada.


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Welcome to the forum and welcome to Riese & Muller. Please join us on the Riese & Muller Facebook group



Thanks to all for your kind replies! Today, the 2 bikes "finally" found their way to be safely strapped on the Thule Easyfold XT2