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Just a quick introduction. I purchased a new Rize Leisure for me to get some exercise, get out and enjoy the outdoors. This bike fills my needs easily. I noticed once you start down that rabbit hole researching ebikes you can get totally lost and forget what you really wanted the bike for. A lot of companies will tout all the great new features that some of us really don't need.

I needed an ebike that works fit someone 5'7"and shorter. Most bikes are larger frame sizes which can make mounting and dismounting a struggle especially if you have any physical problems (back, hip, knees). The Leisure fits me just right. It has the power, speed, torque and comfort I was looking for. The days of me riding any mountain bike trails are probably over but this bike I believe can handle light park trails and neighborhood/city potholes.

I almost forgot one of the really nice again to this line is the 9 speed gears 11-34 tooth system. I saw lot of ebikes with 7 speeds. I just tried our little incline and that 11-34 tooth system worked just great. I'll post more when I've had the Leisure a couple more weeks.

p.s. the software is very user friendly. This thing is a powerhouse


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