New Scorpion Experience (died @5mi) and parts available: Motor Controller and Battery 52V/13Ah


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Hello! Just joined and learning a lot about the Scorpion. Really enjoyed it after we figured out the problem. It would ride GREAT for 5 miles and then completely die, acting like it had a zero % battery even though the gauge read nearly full.

I won't get into their phone/tech support in this thread. Happy to share that separately. In short, each replacement part took about a week to get to me, which isn't bad, but their communication and email/phone response time left a LOT to be desired. Anyway...

First Juiced sent me a new Motor Controller (the primary electronics under the seat), which did not make any difference. I was surprised how easy it was to replace. Very high quality connectors. BUT... that clearly wasn't the problem, hence the first part available... brand new Brushless Motor Controller and complete new wiring harnesses. See picture for spec details.

Next Juiced sent me a new battery and WOOHOO it had 25 miles of range wide open, up hills, barely pedaling, and I don't think it was even fully charged... which leads me to the next part available... if anyone is a battery guru and interested in taking this thing apart, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a single dead cell or something easy to fix and you'll have yourself a spare batter worth over $700. I honestly just don't have time on my hands to play with it and the bike is actually for my father-in-law who does not need a spare battery.

I will also post in the classifieds, but thought I'd share the story here. Make me a reasonable offer for the parts and be willing to pay for whatever shipping type you want from CA and they are yours! Hopefully they can be put to good use. Take care!
motor controller.JPG
motor controller spec.JPG