New SDURO 3.0 2020 owner - need some tips

Vim Fuego

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Never owned or even had the chance to try an e-bike ( the demos are too short for me), so it was a blind leap of faith to pick a 64cm XXL Haibike Sduro 3.0 2020. So far pleased. Only been put a couple of short trips and a big hill test.

The main issue so far is the manual is on Deutsch and nein sprechen. It's also of these horrible manuals that covers all models and cares more about disclaimers and safety notices than anything else.

So I'm looking for some good owners tips, in particular riding tips.



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Mike TowpathTraveler

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Here is a UK link with lotsa documents to help you along:

That bike was not released in the USA, however there are older Bosch powered Trekking Haibikes and their owners floating around; as well as general Bosch issues and tips encountered by Haibike owners here would certainly apply to your 3.0. This Haibike section as well as the section devoted to Bosch will also help out. Good luck and enjoy the new ebike!