New sduro am rc


Just brought home the new 2016 sduro rc for my wife.Real nice think I like it as much as my xduro fm rx 2014. Yamaha seem real responsive. Any one else have thE Yamaha motor. This is a nice addition to the family. We have a Stromer st1 Stromer st2 and the 2 haibikes


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We just picked up the sduro hardlife sl for my wife to ride (it is the white and pink women's version, though I don't entirely dislike the paint job myself haha). I have yet to give it a ride but will do so very shortly! She really likes it though, I think it was a great value.

I ride an easy motion evo snow awd 29er myself which I really like...I hope I don't like the Yamaha motor too much, might hurt my wallet!