New Sondors Fat V2. owner from San Diego, CA


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I purchased the bike on March 5, 2016 for $948. It arrived on August 11, 2016. Factory upgrades include 12.8 battery, aluminum frame and front shocks. Other upgrades:
$109.61 to Luna cycles for Hot Rod Programmed KT-LCD3 & LCD DashBoard For Sondors Bike.
Amazon upgrades: Acomfort 110 Lbs Capacity Adjustable Bike Luggage Cargo Rack Bicycle Accessories - $26.60 shipped.
Bellelli Pepe Clamp Fit Baby Carrier (Blue/Red, 50-Pound) - $94.17 shipped.
Roam Co-Pilot Universal Bike Phone Mount Holder for Motorcycle/Bike Handlebars, iPhone 7/7 Plus | 6/6s Plus | Galaxy S5/S6 Edge | Note 5 | Holds phones To 3.5/8in. Wide - $7.98.
MTB Bicycle Bike Handlebar Fork Stem Riser Rise Up Extender Head Up Adaptor US - $6.22
LED 3 Mode Silicone Mountain Bike Bicycle Front / Rear Light Set Inc Batteries - 99 cents shipped.
passion ebike led 48V 36V 24V electric bicycle light 20W led for Sondors eBike light - for $33 on sale.
Here is a photo of the bike from today. I ride it 20 miles per day around the lake.
I bought the Sondors to replace my Motorized 2 stroke bicycle which I'm now trying to sell on Craigs List. Here are a few photos.


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I don't think your legs are long enough to reach the pedals from the back , maybe not even in the seat , nice job :)


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Having disc brakes, silence and the ability to actually pedal has to be a nice upgrade :) Have fun with it.


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3 minute mile pace around the Lake PAS # 1 and no throttle, mostly flat.

After 10 miles I still had full battery showing but my legs were getting real tired. Averaged about 18mph and about 80 watts. My heart rate was at 160 bpm though. Here is the video:



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I know that place! Scripps Ranch! Miramar Lake! I still own a home there. I would like to try my Haibike mountain bike around Lake Miramar, but also on the partial dirt trail, closer to the water. Nice! Glad you're enjoying your Sondors!