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So I just bought a RadMini and rodefor the first time to a friends house and back but noticed that my brakes (specifically the front one) are squeaking alot it appears the brake rotor and brake pads are rubbing a bit, and I looked it up and it seems it could just be the brakes breaking in but I'm not sure, so I was wondering is there any surefire way to tell if its just breaking in the brakes or something that needs to be fixed?
I am very new to this so I have no idea what I'm doing really :/ so any help is greatly appreciated.


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Most likely brakes breaking in.

However, if you want to be sure, you can check the alignment.

Here's how to do it for mechanical disc brakes.
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I noticed this when I picked up my road bike up from a service. The mechanic said the newly fitted pads (or rotors) got contaminated 'after' I left the workshop ... because they could not have been contaminated in their workshop. They cleaned them up anyway. Will never know really where or how they got contaminated but this was the cause of the noise.


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A lot of rotors are not perfectly flat. There is a tool you can use to straighten them. I use it often. I would try to straighten first. A lot of MTB do this a lot. Also I have not had squeak associated with the rotor un true so much as the surface of the pads not making good contact, regardless of the rotor.


Mother always said squeaky shoes meant they weren’t paid for. Maybe they haven’t cashed your check yet...

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Have you tried calling Rad Powerbikes? That should be your first step, since the bike is brand new, before you start messing around with the rotors and pads.

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If your pads and rotors are rubbing it is not a break in issue. Check that the rotors are not warped. They may have gotten banged out of true during shipping.
That is definitely a possible, but needed adjustment is more likely. If you have discs, learning how to
adjust them is worthwhile. If the rotor is warped, it´s easy to spot by spinning the wheel. If the rotor
spins true you need to adjust.
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