New to e-bikes from San Antonio (area) - I’m hooked!


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I bought my e-bike on Saturday and I’m Hooked. So is my family. I have 3 kids and they all love it.

I have 2 kids that can fit in the bike seat, so I do about 5 miles with each of them, then my eldest daughter takes it around the neighborhood.

My upgrades include;
shock absorbing seat and handlebars. I did the handlebars versus the front shock.
kids seat
phone holder
cub holder
front light
Large battery

We have put about 50 miles on the bike in 2 days, and I don‘t see us slowing down much.

I decided on the Pedego element because I already own a Trek Fuel dual suspension mountain bike (non-electric) and I didn’t want another mountain bike. I also like the element as my kids can use it, or will grow into it soon.

The worst part of this purchase, is I’m now looking at a Mercedes Benz Sprinter to modify for Bike trips. I’m leaning towards the long wheel base model Or the smaller one in 4x4.


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Welcome to the community! Glad to hear you are enjoying your E-Bikes! On a side note, I'd recommend doing some research on the different model years of the Sprinter for their 'Limp Mode' issue. It's an expensive fix if it happens. I love Sprinters, but would hate to see that happen to anyone :)