New to e-bikes, need some recommendations.

Hello all,
Greetings and salutations.
Long time lurker, finally got the nerve to register.
Been doing an inordinate amount of reading, YouTube watching and perusing the forums, so my apologies in advance if this post is one of those that already exists a million times already, (plus it might get to be a bit of a long missive).

I've finally decided to take the plunge and get an e-bike due to a host of reasons. Will be used for leisurely getting out and about the residential neighbourhood, exploring, fresh air, exercise and just generally here and there.

Until a few years ago, i was fit, young and spry, and then got hit with a double tsunami of health issues. Anyway, i'm alive and well but the catch 22 is that the meds assisted in me packing on the pounds. I've had maybe 3 regular bicycles in my entire life. The last one i had to sell when i could no longer pedal up a hilly road at all going to the grocery store. I forget the specific model, but i vaguely remember it had a name that resembled seafood, Diamondback Kalamar (or Kalamari something). I could get by on flat surfaces, but any incline and i'm done for.

Very out of shape and have to start somewhere. Recently started taking 1.5 - 2 miles walks around the neighbourhood every morning, as there's few rigorous activities i can really get into (plus gyms are all closed anyway), and it's amazing what i've discovered just by walking around, even though i've lived in the area over 4 years. Plus Google Maps shows so many parks, grounds, promenades and places to explore.

My profile:
Male, 5'10, 310 lbs (mea culpa 😕)
Budget - $1300 ~

I would prefer a folding e-bike due to my living situation. Live in a house with no way to keep a bike in the frontage or on the main floor, so has to be inside. Reside on the second floor, so i'd need to lug it up and down quite often. I wager a regular size e-bike would be too cumbersome to lug up and down. Worst case scenario, with a folding e-bike i can at least have it folded and left at the foot of the stairs (where it wouldn't bother the housemates as much). They are all heavy, i know.

What i have narrowed it down to:

Lectric XP -
Good price, fits the budget, good specs all around, fat tires a plus, good battery and range, includes fenders etc.
Got in touch with their C.S via email regarding total rider weight and their response was thus "The Lectric XP has a rider weight limit of 275lbs. The rear rack can hold an additional 55lbs, so the total payload capacity for the XP is 330lbs. Please note that rider weight can impact the top speed and range."

Radmini Step Thru -
Within price range, well reviewed, more popular, good battery and range, includes fenders etc.
Fat tires a plus. Total rider weight might be an issue.

Sondors Fold X -
Good price, fat tires, but no fenders included, cost extra.
Total rider weight looks good.

Sondors Smart Step -
Good price, no fenders included, cost extra, less powerful motor (350w) than Fold X (500w).
Total rider weight looks good. More user assembly required.

If my space constraints were to go away, i looked into

*Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru -
Powerful motor, good battery, good price, longer warranty, includes fenders et al, but heavier.
Total rider weight not an issue at all.

*RadCity Step-Thru / *RadRover Step-Thru -
Within price range, well reviewed, more popular, good battery and range, includes fenders etc.
Fat tires a plus on RadRover. Total rider weight might be an issue.

A few of the aforementioned are backordered, i know.

These are just the ones i've been paying attention to, but i throw myself at the mercy of other better recommendations, and thank you all once again in advance. Apologies for the long missive.


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I would personally recommend either Rad Power.
Sondors second.

Just because how popular Rad Power is, which inevitably established online community of Rad Power owners.
When you own an ebike, inevitably you will encounter problems and might have some questions in general.
It is so nice to have a group of people online so that you can ask questions.

The other reason why I said Rad Rover was because of aftermarket support. You can modify it to get more power.
I said Sondors second because although Sondors is very modifiable, the Rad Power has bigger online community.

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