New to ebikes and new to Idaho.


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Hi All,
I recently purchased a Bulls six50+ E FS 3. Picked it up in Boise,Id from Boise Electric Bikes. I haven't had a chance to test it out on trails much, as I'm new to the area and don't know where many are. My commute to work has been much faster and plesent though. I did get a flat the 1st day from goat thorns on my rear tire, and the LBS doesn't carry any 27.5 tubes... Anyone got any recommendations for trails in Idaho's magic valley or ways to protect against goat thorns.



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Setting up, or getting it setup by someone tubeless is about the only solution I've read of that works for goat thorns. You might want to head over to the mtbr forums, there is plenty of discussion on going tubeless and probably lots of talk about goat thorns too!

Ann M.

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Agreed, there are a couple of ways to reduce the chance of flats. Tubeless is a good option and there are better tires now specifically designed for this purpose. Add some Stan's No Flat Sealant and carry a small tubeless tire flat kit (like a mini version of what is used on car tires) and you have a good chance of beating those goat head stickers :p. In Texas, there's no way to get around those little stabbers--they're sneaky, too; wedge into a sock and surprise you.

If tubeless isn't a realist option, then get a better grade tire to start, add Thorn Resistant tubes (they're 4 times thicker than an average tube) and use a sturdy tire liner like Mr. Tuffy, Stop Flats, etc. placed in between the tire and tube. It does work.