New to ebikes, loving the new Pedego Avenue


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Hey all, I’m a near-50 college prof who works from home a few days a week. We downsized from 3 cars to 2 and long story short I’m at home with no car a few days a week. More of a runner than cyclist, but always loved my bikes…but decided to get an e-bike so that I can get to wherever the heck I want within reason. Started to do a bit of research, WAY TOO MANY OPTIONS, so just went down to local Pedego to ask about used ones. They just got a new model in—the Avenue—and it’s kind of akin to a sportier hybrid…feels a bit like my old bmx but that’s probably just me being near 50. Test drove it, yup, that works, bought a new e-bike!

It wasn’t cheap ($2700 or so as the one they in store came with larger battery and mag wheels) but with the kick-butt warranty and shop in town figured what the heck. There’s pretty much no accessories available for this bike—it’s not even really launched I don’t think. Bought a good lock (the “free bike if our lock is on it when stolen” policy from pedego is awesome) thumb throttle, a cheap rack (and slapped a milk crate on there), got cheap fenders, a couple of a cheap handle mirrors, headlight/taillight, preferred my old cushy seat so swapped that, screwed on an old water bottle cage I had, tweaked the handlebar angle, and it is perfect for me. I mean it’s comfortable, quick, eats decent hills (and I’m 6’3 and not quite svelte), and I put 100 miles on it in a few days and am in love. It’s got 7 gears (but I’ve just treated it as a single gear—stuff is flat here mostly). Took about 15 minutes to get the hang of the 5 pedal assist modes, throttle, etc. I suppose I turned a beautiful bike into a bit of a jalopy but it rides great day or night, carries stuff, what more can ya ask for.

I know Jack Sugar about ebikes, but I know I am loving cruising around on this thing. Glad to have joined the party! Now to get my 75 yr old dad on one…he’d love it too!