New to EBR - Looking to be Helpful

Kyle Nolte

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Hey All,

Before I introduce myself I'd like to thank Court for providing a place for people to share ideas, experience and information. This is such a valuable resource and I really appreciate what you do. Thank you!

My name is Kyle Nolte. I'm the store manager at my brother Chris's shop Propel Bikes in NY. I have been working with the Propel team for about four years now. We have been specializing in ebikes from the start. I started as a bike mechanic - assembling, repairing, modifying and shipping bikes - and over the years I have climbed the totem pole to more of a managerial/administrative position. I am super passionate about ebikes and I love to talk about them. I know sometimes it can be difficult to navigate all of the information that's available on the web, so I figured I may be able to be helpful here in some ways. Aside from being helpful, I love the fact that there is a community being established around a common interest and I am excited to become a part of it.

My background is in automotive mechanics and I've always had a passion for cars. Since I moved to Brooklyn cars have become more trouble than they are worth. Electric bikes have completely changed the way I get around and I've been much happier and healthier because of it. Being that I'm a manager at Propel, I have access to a lot of really cool ebikes. I look forward to sharing some of the ways I use them.

I really enjoy talking about all types of bikes and I look forward to being able to share some of my information regarding ebikes. If anyone has any questions about particular bikes, drive systems, components or anything in the ebike world please feel free to private message me or tag me in a thread. I'll be happy to help out. Thanks so much. I can't wait to connect with some of you.

Kyle Nolte
Propel Bikes