New to the electric bike scene.


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I am new to the electric bike scene. Since retiring from work I normally average 10 hours riding, around 200 km, per week mainly road, with some MTB and gravel rides. I do a couple of multi-day tours per year.

As a result, I owned 4 bikes: Focua Izalco road bike, Wilier hard-tail MTB, Giant Revolt gravel/touring bike, and a 26 inch folding bike of my own design for travelling by plane or coach. At 75 y.o. my wife and I have lots of riding time available. Unfortunately, with the lock-downs associated with Covid, we have not been getting enough exercise and adding weight of course.

So I have now purchased a fifth bike, a Focus Paralane2 9.7 - this gives me that extra punch when needed to keep up with my previous average speeds etc and maybe keep up with my cycling buddies who have done much the same thing.

I do have a few questions about the Focus:

The underneath of the bottom bracket is open - this exposes several wires, cables and tubing etc to the elements (water and gravel). I am assured by the bike shop that this is normal. I notice, however that the Focus website sells an optional cover.
Q1: any comments whether it is a good idea to fit this bracket cover?

The handlebar remote is described by Fazua as 'remote b', this has 3 buttons on one side and a stack of 11 indicator lights.
Q2: the top indicator light never comes on even when fully charged - is this normal?
Q3: the indicator lights randomly, but frequently fade out almost completely, then after a few seconds fade back in again - is this normal?
Q4: how reliable an indicator is this light scale of charge used/remaining? and is this consistent?

Thanks in advance