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Greetings all.

Thanks for having me. I've lurked for a couple of years and it was this site that pointed me towards the Specialized Como 3.0 I bought in August 2018. I'm Vapor_Trails on other forums, too. ADV,, RAM Diesel, Ford F150, Honda VFR, Harley, RZRForums, Yamaha, etc.

The Como is fun to ride with a snappy, quiet motor. But, I have intermittent battery issues. I call them micro cut-outs that happen sometimes. My local LBS put in the shim everyone talked about and that made it better. Re-seating the battery usually fixes it temporarily, but not always.

Anyway, I'm considering adding a Riese & Muller, or maybe a Trek Allant+ 8s to my garage. I may wait until Feb or March when things might??? be a little bit more back to normal. We'll see.



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Welcome Vapor! I'm vaping as I type this! 🤣

In regard to your next bike, you make also want to check out Watt Wagons bikes. They use a much more powerful Bafang Ultra with a custom controller to make the power delivery similar to Bosch, Yamaha, and Brose motors with a 20-30% efficiency gain. They have stellar reviews from customers and provide phenomenal support. The owner, @pushkar, is very active on the EBR forum and usually responds within the hour.

Here are some links you may want to check out.

With the exception of the Travalanch, all their bikes can be configured with Rohloff and Gates Carbon Belt Drive. They also offer the newer Kindernay IGH which is supposed to be even more sturdier than Rohloff, but only time will tell since they are relatively new compared to Rohloff.

Watt Wagons is in the process of building their newest model with carbon frame called Ultimate Commuter Pro, which many people on the WW forum refer to as the "super bike". The Bafang Ultra with the Archon X1 motor can be configured to deliver up to 2300W nominal / 3000W peak power. Oh and the bike also has the throttle option which none of the Bosch, Brose, Yamaha, or Shimano motors offer. I don't think it's the selling point, but it's always nice to have options.

Note: The delivery date for the new UCP Pro has been delayed due to Bafang making some design changes to their motor wiring and communication protocol which in turn affects all manufacturers that use their motors. The current estimate is late december to mid-January delivery I believe.

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If you consider the Allant+ s, you might as well consider a high-end Vado :) Just saying.
I don't want to be negative but discuss the facts. What you gain with the Allant+ s is the Bosch motor noise and worse display (Allant and Vado are direct competitors. Specialized e-bikes have changed a lot since 2018). You also could re-use your Como battery on Vado as a spare. If you get yourself a Vado 5, you'd have the most powerful and completely silent mid-drive motor, the only in the market. With R&M, you're getting same noisy motor as in the Trek e-bike and a lot of weight more...
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Thanks for all the info about WW. I’ve looked at those on their website. I haven’t really given them much thought because they aren’t available in a LBS anywhere near me, afaik. However, they do appear to be well constructed and use top of the line materials. I’m not sure I’d want to mail order a $6000-7000 bike with no local support.

I’ve read some of your posts on the R&M forum. I really like my Como, but the motor cutting out is getting really old. What changes to the Vado/Como lines have been made since 2018?


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I’ve read some of your posts on the R&M forum. I really like my Como, but the motor cutting out is getting really old. What changes to the Vado/Como lines have been made since 2018?
  1. TCD-W display with ton of information and perfect Mission Control connectivity; that includes SmartControl that really works.
  2. Specialized 1.3 (Brose S) motor on 5.0 models, one of the best motors in the market.
I can't remember much more. Honestly, I ride a 2017 Vado 5.0 with 2020 electronics and it is the best of my e-bikes. Near to the perfection (I own three e-bikes, Giant Trance E+ 2 Pro being second in line). Why to spoil the perfection?

P.S. Is your Como equipped with the BLOKS display? (It might be the reason for the motor cutting off).