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My family rented e-bikes in Marseilles, France last year and we did a coastal tour on them, lots of fun and my first introduction to them. This past July I decided to take the plunge and bought an A2B Alva+ and found I was riding it everywhere, even to the point of ignoring my BMW motorcycle in the garage. My wife decided she wanted to ride along so I got here one too, (another Alva+).

Then I made the mistake of riding a Stromer St2 at a bike shop. All of a sudden, my Alva +, was no Stromer. So I ordered an ST2 S and it will be here next week. Figure if I'm going to move to a Stromer, might as well go all the way and get the top model. I've been averaging about 80 miles per week on the A2B and that will go up with the Stromer, for sure.

Forum is great, I'll be here looking for tips.....mods, aftermarket accessories, etc.

Duane C.
Fairfax Station Virginia


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Hi, welcome

Tell your wife about this forum, and encourage her to come to EBR.
In July-August of our EBR members (Ravi), rode his St2 from Madison, WI, to Stromer in San Diego. 5100 mi in I think 33 or 34 days. It was a new Guiness record. There are some videos in a blog, if you would like to see some,


Chris Nolte

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Welcome to the forum! It's great to here how others got exposed to electric bikes. I think many see them first in Europe.

Best of luck with your new bikes! The ST2S is a really great machine. You'll probably want to add a suspension seatpost like the Bodyfloat if you haven't already. The high speeds without suspension is a little rough if the road conditions aren't good. From personal experience that's less of an issue in Switzerland, their roads are super smooth