New toe bikes - looking for lightweight and small frame


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Hi - many thanks in anticipation of some help - everyone seems very helpful on these threads!

I am late forties, 5'1" female - looking for an bike so I can keep up with the kids despite bad knees, ankles, and a bit of asthma. Looking for pedal assist for hills only - hoping to use leg muscles for remainder.

I test drove the Raleigh Detour step through yesterday, which was nice, but wanted to widen my search. Another local dealer here in DC has the Trek Lift + low step which I could try.

I think my wishlist is
pedal assist

small frame for 5’1” -narrows down options I imagine.



recreational ride over paved and gravel trails (not daily use as have to drive the kids to school - sigh).

fit on a back mounted car rack (hence step-through not an option?)

removable battery charge option

Would rather pay less than $3000.

Thanks so much!