New Townie Go! 7D $1500


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I just stumbled upon and purchased my wife this newly released Electra. it's a Class I 250 hub motor with a lot of torque. Weighs about 45lbs (light!) and she beat me up a steep hill. She is 150 lbs and I have a Turbo Vado and weigh 185 lbs. That alone impressed me with this bike. See it HERE


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Does it work well and is there any trick to turning it on? My wife just got a Townie Go 7D and we can only occasionally get it to turn on. The power button works when it's on the charger, but off the charger it just blinks the five blue LEDS once when you press it. Every now and then it turns on properly and works great, but obviously this isn't satisfactory so we'll be taking it into a dealer for repair.