new turbo creo comp carbon rider, a few questions!


Well I pulled the trigger and ended up buying the Turbo Creo Evo after just a 20 minute test ride. What convinced me was a 20% grade that I never would have made with my other 19 lb. gravel bike was fairly easily done while in the saddle on the Evo...Did most in sport but switched to turbo to experience the full power. I ordered the road remote which the dealer will install tomorrow.

I've only taken it on two rides since buying it. One was a relatively flat 25 mile loop I do and never needed to use assist but did on occasion just to show the guys I ride with what it can do. Yesterday I went on a 30 mile ride with the same group guys. Normally I would not have gone on this ride due to major climb about half way into the ride. Again I did the first part of the ride with no assist keeping with the group at steady 15-20 mph pace but once we started getting into the ascent I used eco. From the post ride data I was using eco and riding comfortable with an average 4-5% grade. From there it quickly went to an average of 7-12% grade which I used sport. At this point I started to feel guilty because I wasn't sharing the pain my buddies were experiencing. I didn't want break away and drop them so I slowed down. I was having a conversation but nobody was talking back. Before making it to summit we encounter a number of steep inclines of 15% to 18%. Thats when I put it in turbo and left them behind. Now I'm 72 and more then ten years older then the next oldest rider who has 30 yrs. of cycling experience and made to top about 5 minutes faster. My HR was 155. I worked my ass off but still had more in the tank. This bike is exactly what I wanted. I wasn't looking for an easy ride I just wanted to be able to keep up with the guys.

The descent was crazy fast that had me on the brakes at times. Back on the flats I was riding without assist into a pretty strong headwind so I put it in eco and took the lead so everyone could draft. When I got home I still had 75% of battery left and a big smile. What I didn't like was using the TCU to change level of assistance. I'm looking forward to button remote.

In 3 months I'll be riding with these same guys from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge for the 20th anniversary of 9/11. We will be covering about 3800 miles in 40 days with only two rest days. Its nice to know this bike will allow me to climb the Teton Pass and with the remote buttons and range extender have the battery power to make it through the long days.


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The same here, my expieriences when riding with others: Already level1/eco gives you the ability to ride with riders two(!) classes better, with level2 you are already king of teh road and with level3 you would win the Tour de France.
So the fear that an assist drive does not offer enough power is normally unnecessary.
When riding with others just "one class" better I already reduce level1/eco to 20%. Of course if I ride alone, more power/level2 is sometimes very comfortable, human nature is weak... ;-)


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Hello from Berkeley! My wife is the Creo rider, so take this with a grain of salt.

1) I switched from a light TI frame to a slightly lighter carbon frame with carbon wheels. I broke all of my PRs with the new bike, and the weight difference wasn't enough to likely matter. I think it's the wheels, and stiffer (in the right places) frame.

2) Dump the phone mount and get a bike computer. It will display everything you want, and if you fall (or if your bike falls while its leaning against something) you don't trash your $800 phone. Your computer is also more likely to survive.