New Turbo S accessories...

John Dombrowski

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image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg 1. They swapped out the black Specialized Bennie pedals for red ones.
2. Leather Ergon GP1 BioLeder grips.
3. Exposure Lights Tracer Taillight.
4. Mirrycle bar end mirror.
5. Topeak trunk rack and MTX trunk bag. I painted the silver brackets black to match the rest.
6. Topeak RedLite Aura taillight on the rack.
7. Bontrager saddlebag from my old bike.
8. The bike even came with the water bottle cage.
9. QuadLock phone holder.

So I should be good for a while to start commuting to work and save $50 a week in gas.
Last thing I am ordering today is my BodyFloat seat post that they are making for me with a hole pre-drilled for the seat light cable.

This is one expensive piece of machinery. Hope it pays off. Luckily I can ride year round out here in San Diego.


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How many miles a week will you be riding? $50 a week in gas is around 20 gallons, or 400 miles a week , 80 miles a day? That is some serious riding!

Riding an electric bike is much much better for yourself and your community than riding any kind of car, but the savings is somewhat fleeting.. Depreciation and wear eats up any savings in gas.

Now if you sold your vehicle for an electric bike the savings in insurance, maintenance and depreciation would be significant.

John Dombrowski

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Well yeah, I guess your right. I only commute about 150 miles a week to work and back but just other things like errands around town and such, I now can use my bike for things like that. But also my Jeep usually goes through a tank a week and that's closer to 300 miles than 400. Not good gas mileage at all. But hey, every little bit helps, right?

Ron Bez

Looks really nice John! Let us know how the Bodyfloat works, I'm tired of my rattleing Thudbuster.