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my name is Ognyan Bozhilov. I'm leading a small team, based in Sofia (Bulgaria) and we're developing a new type of small, electric vehicle for city commuting. It's called 'Narcine' - a tilting, foldable trike. We already have a working prototype and we even raced it against a car to compare real life commuting times (see the link below:))Here're the brief technical specs:

Motor:500W, direct drive
Battery: 11,6 Ah
Max. Speed : 25km/h
Range: 20km.
Weight: about 25 kg.


I'd love to hear your comments on the video and on the trike in general.

Al P

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Interesting, but inappropriate for use here in the US. Since it apparently goes much faster than most ebikes, it would have to be registered and would be prohibited from being ridden on trails, bike lanes and sidewalks, as shown in your video. I wouldn't want to be riding it out in traffic among cars and trucks.

Ognyan Bozhilov

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Hi, AI

The trike never goes more than 25-26 km/h. This is true also in the video - if it seems faster, it might be due to the Field of View of the camera. The idea is to be able to ride it on exactly the same infrastructure as bicycles and pedelecs.


It's not as low as a recombinant but it's pretty low. I don't know if you've seen an F-150 with a lift kit but they're pretty popular where I live and they'd have a pretty hard time seeing you up close.


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Reminds me of the Carver of about a decade ago. It had dual drive wheels at the rear and tilted in cornering to maintain a low CG.

That's definately a scooter. Registration, insurance, a license maybe and restrictions on where you can ride. Would be good to ride in rural areas where there are less restrictions and cops though.

Ognyan Bozhilov

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We've finished our second version of the scooter - decided to get rid of the three-wheel configuration in the end. It was causing more trouble than helping, actually :) Here're some of the new upgrades and features:

- Less wheels (2), but more thrills!
- Cooler design
- More braking power
- Better ride comfort
- More ground clearance

Hope you like it!

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)