New Vado 4.0


I picked up my 2022 Specialized Vado 4 the other day, and was immediately stunned by the color. The red shown on the website does not do it justice. It is just a beautiful bike. I am not a fan of reflective (visible white line) stripping on the stock tires, so I had the LBS swap the stock tires for my go to favorite, Schwalbe Super Moto X. For a full powered ebike, this bike is easier to ride without assist, more so than my Trek 8s. The Mission control app and the new Mastermind TCD are spectacular. I even like the touch screen. Honestly, Specialized just does so many things right. With this bike, as with any bike that costs north of 3,000.00 dollars US, you should be able to tune your motor the way you want, easily see the odometer, turn off your lights (without taking it to the shop), and updating the firmware. Even storing your rides is easy with the Mission Control app. I love the Bosch motor, but if I could only have one bike, and my choices were between the Treks 8s ($4500.00 US) vs the Specialized Vado 4 ($4,000.00 US)…..give me the Specialized bike. Even with the less powerful motor, you still get more for your money, if that makes sense. Specialized provides a nice case for your charger, instead of a flimsy cardboard box…..the little things. I even received a lanyard for the provided battery keys…nice touch. One last thing….the hype around Specialized bikes is not just hype…they are really that good.


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Stefan Mikes

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Congratulations! Now you know what the "quality" and "premium" really mean!
The red shown on the website does not do it justice. It is just a beautiful bike.
The website pictures never do justice to Specialized e-bikes seen live :)

My Vado as seen in the website photo...


...and in real life.