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Hi tbhausen,
Like you, I thought about changing the tires to the Schwalbe Super MotoX before i even got the bike, but since the tires have the slime I guess I’ll just make do for now. The knobby tires actually ride pretty good. I knew they were slimed when I put air in the tires and one of the tires had slime coming out of the valve. I hate that stuff too and had taken it off my cart when I ordered the bike, but it looks like they all get slimed whether you want it or not. I don’t do a lot of night driving, so I’ll keep the stock light for the time being.
Is not liking slime because some comes out when I fill it the equivalent of the guy who's upset about his custom automatic combat-grade rifle that is test-fired before delivery because "he didn't get to put the first bullet through it and now it doesn't feel 'really' new"?

Or the new bike owner who doesn't want to take the bubble wrap off the new race-tuned downhill bike and ride it because he wants the paintjob yo stay pristine with no scratches to the clear coat?

Or is there a valid reason that interferes with function? I'm new to the ebike world sometimes its difficult to figure out where a post is coming from, I'm more for functional reliability over scratching a pristine art-sculpture, but I do understand why people like a beautiful display piece.