New York State ebike legislation


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It's bizarre that NY redefines what a "class 3" ebike is and has been codified in law by 22 state legislatures. It will further confuse the issue for many. If NY lawmakers want to do their own thing they should've come up with their own descriptive legal terms.

At least there are fewer criminal ebikers in NY and NYC now.
I agree, exceptionalism goes against the point of enacting 'model' 3-Class legislation designed to standardize the legal definition of an ebike across the country.

While technically your second point is correct, anyone riding an ebike on the Greenway is now breaking a newly introduced municipal regulation, because this applies to a major North-South arterial bicycle commuting route this pits a tiny number of self-appointed Greenway regulators against the majority of actual users. DC is the same, there is no logical reason for DC Municipal Regulations to continue to prohibit ebike commuters from using the majority of bridge side paths to cross the Potomac river from Virginia, when ebikes are permitted on the connecting bike paths on the VA side, on Park Service owned bicycle infrastructure including the Memorial Bridge side path, and in the streets on the DC side.
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Yes, in a lot of ways this legislation is worse than no legislation at all. Before, at least outside NYC, cops did not know what/how to enforce anything.

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I don‘t know about NYC, but up along the Hudson Valley Rail Trail and the Walkway Over The Hudson, nobody cares. Ebikes are pretty common. Hopefully some rational person - yeah, in NY, I know - will cause this part of the law to be modified at some point, but right now the cops are all too busy abusing citizens to worry about a stinking ebike here or there.

SATIRE ALERT, I am a proudly retired cop of almost 30 years on the job. Glad to be out, thank heaven.