Newbie ebiker from Scotland


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Hi everyone. I didn’t realise that this was a mostly North American site but I hope you don’t mind me joining. I’m a 71 year old with a new Orbea Gain F30. I sold my two road bikes to graduate to this ebike and I’m glad that I did although I do miss the speed of them. The ebike is limited to 15mph. over here!
I get a good range on the bike because it’s rolling countryside where I live with a few steeper parts thrown in.
The dreaded flashing pink light occurred this week but was quickly rectified by my retailer. Code 201 showed up which required a firmware upgrade.
All’s well now and if it would only stop raining I’d be out.


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Welcome to the site and this new hobby. Your scenery rolls as much as ours, although you probably see sheep where I see horses & llamas.
Oil everything steel every 2 weeks and ride anyway. I do, it rains 200 days a year here. I carry/wear a $1 poncho when it is intense. Bike's 2 2/3 years old, nothing has rusted yet. Non-detergent oil, type A or F ATF or tractor hydraulic fluid works for me. You don't have a display so you don't have to protect it. No throttle either I suppose; that needs covered with a plastic bag sometimes or it quits.


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Welcome to the forum fellow Scot. We definitely need to be prepared to cycle in the rain 😉
Looks like a lovely bike you have.