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Hi all, I've been watching the development of ebikes for quite awhile. I truly like the idea behind them. I decided to purchase a Rad Rover 5. At the time I was 64 years old, 6 ft. tall, and weighed around 250 lbs. and was living in southern Maryland. I figured this ebike could handle me. Once I received it and put it together I realized that this ebike is a tank. It's actually too big for me! In all the reviews I looked at I never got a sense of how high that top bar is. At that time I'd had my left knee replaced and now I've had my right knee replaced too. Getting these now 65 year old knees and hips over the top bar is difficult for me. My sister gave me some sage advice since the purchase, "Buying something sight unseen on the internet does not give you the whole picture." She was right. Story continues on the Rad Power Bike part of the forum.


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Welcome the the site.
Sorry about the Rad. You see what I think about top bars in the picture of my bike in avatar left. I started having trouble getting leg over seat age 63, and I'm 71 now. I'm short, you don't want my bike made for short people. I had to order it from California without ever having sat on one. Bike shop short people's bikes are pink, have a single speed, rim brakes, and a logo of Holly Hobby on the fender.
Be sure to look for 22, or 23, or 24 inch frame, if your legs are pretty long. I ride a 17.
Blix has been pushing me ads with a drop frame with only a single bar down there. Mine never flexes, but it has two bars. Should be some stores in San Antonio or Austin. Big guys bikes tend to be in stock. My LBS is full of them (but no electrics).
Trek & Giant seem to have below average complaints on bikes by brand known problems threads. In the "not cheap" department. Specialized is extremely popular and has had more than a few reports of cracked frame.
Happy shopping and later riding.
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