Newbie on the 2.0 changed cassette WOW! Love this Bike.


had my lbs change cassette to this off amazon: DRIFT MANIAC DNP E-Bike Freewheel 7 Speeds 11-28/11-34T Teeth EPOCH, WOW love it. I am so thrilled with this bike it is amazing.

able to fold and put in back of suv
its so nimble and quick
i feel it is well made
rides so nice on the road with the upgraded suspension seat post with cloud 9 seat is a dream
brakes feel great
computer screen is vibrant
plenty of room on the handle bars [i have a radio, two speakers, phone, bell, mirror then all the lectric stock stuff]
added a milk crate to the back [cut pieces of wood and zip tied them in for ez on ez off] works like a dream. done some nice shopping already :) [got the great idea here

just amazing [but will it last?]

one downside i hate where the put the key.


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Just got two of the STs, I'm going to put the 11-34 freewheel on them both. As for the key, I'm just leaving it in and turned on. There seems to be minimal battery drain, just keeping the power button alive. The bikes are alarmed, so I'm not too concerned with someone taking the time to split the frame and steal the battery.

Just a quick note--it's a freewheel; a cassette is an entirely-different animal. No experience with them, but I guess you can disassemble them to replace worn parts.


thanks for the info! stick kicking strong got 1120 miles on it and the "freewheel" is the best! enjoy your new rides :)