Newbie Question - Why does Level 1 assist feel like it is adding resistance?


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Was riding home on ST2 S and had to move down to Level 1to conserve battery. When I would pedal in Level 1, it felt like bike was adding resistance to pedaling. When I stopped pedalling, the bike would freewheel and felt like it was moving faster than when I would pedal. Very odd. Was not in Regen mode. Is this behavior typical? Thanks!


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I had a similar problem, but intermittently in every power level on my ST2. I fixed it by recalibrating the torque sensor. Find it under the Sensor menu on the OMNI. You're supposed to recalibrate whenever you update the firmware or adjust the tightness of the rear axel. Give it a try. It was driving me nuts for a year before I figured it out.