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Hi everyone. I'm Page, 73, retired due to Heart & Diabetes. Lost my Drivers License in Maryland due to disabilites but found I can still ride a bike but with difficulty on grades which I know what I have read the E-bike will help. I am still working part-time at Wal-mart (not going to die sitting down on the sofa) and would want to ride my bike to and from work about 6 miles one way with mosly level roads except at end of each trip a incline of about 15-20 degree. All paved roads. Rest of my commutes would b around my town which has several hills. I weigh 210 lbs and 6". I would probably carry rain gear-pumbike lock-water bottle in my pannier bags. I am down to either a Pedego Auroa or Interceptor or an Evelo Commuter step thru all with 500W 15amp. The costs direct from a Pedego Dealer (200 Mi,es away) or Evelo is around $3000 which includes assy and or shipping. I can get a Pedego off of E-bay or $2100 same bike and free shipping but dealer isd in CA. I do not paying for service and not sure what service I can get from CA or does Pedego stand behind their bikes as would the local dealer or should I approach the local dealer and bargin? So in summary what would be the better bike for me and where should I but it? Glad I found the forum and look forward to your help in getting me, starting to ride again which I know will good for my heart-diabetes nd weight.


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So your nearest dealer for Pedigo is 200 miles away? They have a reputation for standing behind their product with good support, but you will need to have access to the service center.

If it's true that the shop is that far away, have you considered any of the iZip line? I'm willing to bet they have someone closer to you.