Newbie to wiring lights - need some guidance


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I have a small 14" tire electric folding bike and it has been very portable and convenient except in one aspect : charging the front and rear USB lights.

May I request some advice on how to get started , what lights and components to buy, and a general guide on how get them wired into the battery?

Specs are:
Battery: 36V 7.8 Ah
Charging Voltage: 42V 2A
Motor: 250 Watt / 16 mph top speed
Front light currently in use: 1100 lumen Cygolite USB (looking for comparable or brighter).

The middle of the bike frame folds open to reveal the (non removable) battery terminals on one end and the controller terminals on the other end. My goal is to have a plan before i start tinkering to avoid burning up any components. Thanks.


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You could get a light that plugs into your existing headlight plug, such as the Rad Headlight, but I have seen issues with plugging into the bikes battery including burning out the controller and making your ebike a brick until you replace it.

If you are searching for a headlight that will be higher than 1100 lumens it will be taking a lot of power out of your bike while its running, and electric power usage is exponential, a multiplier effect, so when you are adding extra things to suck power out it will mess with things. Like XP owners who have tried putting the Rad Headlight into existing headlight plugs; but have reported issues of the display wonking out, or more voltage sag than usual.

I pondered about this issue a bit when I was getting around my headlight upgrade. I ended up going with an external battery mounted option, 1800 Lumen, and with a cutoff line for the beam like a car headlight so you dont have to point it at the ground to not blind people....The Outbound Lighting Headlight. It was a bit pricey at 195 but I dont regret spending it for the 3 year warranty and made in the USA product, oh and its just an awesome light :p


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I know it's probably not the answer you are looking for.... But unless you are versed in electrical modifications.. without an easy point to tap the battery's output it may make more sense to buy a second rechargeable light.
That said I would start by removing the battery from the mount and see what I could adapt.
You can do the same for the controller side and see if you can tap the main battery wires after the connector but before the controller.
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I bought resetting fuses to make a power tap. My USB lights seem to have low batteries the somewhat rare days I need lights.