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Hey fellow trikesters, being a lifelong cyclist I recently got into trikes, E trikes. I have been riding about a year now. I have two trikes a rodie trike and a mountain trike. I want to pass on a couple of things I have experienced and learned that I hope will be helpful to other newbies as well as veteran Trikers. Building my two trikes into E-trikes was quite an experience and if you are so inclined and want to ask questions on the what and how of that I am most willing to pass on what I have learned. Both trikes use Shimano Di2 derailleurs too, I can help there if you want to go that way (saves a lot of room on the handlebars, never miss a shift). Before I got into e-trikes I had, and have e-bikes, both street, and mountain, so I learned a lot from that before I built up my trikes. My mountain trike is a full suspension Stein Wild One, and my Rodie is a HP Velotechnik Scorpion both 20" X 26" wheels. One of the biggest issues I had was with my HP and the "death wobble" when I let go of the bars. I was running Schwalbe Kojack 20 X1.35 upfront with a Schwalbe 26" X 1.95 Marathon Plus on the rear. At first, I could not understand why the bike wobbled as when I ran the same setup on the Stein it was rock steady, so I searched everywhere for a good answer, never found one. Then I put Schwalbe Marathon Plus 20 X1.95 tires upfront on the HP, wobble gone, steady as a rock. No Caster and Camber are adjustable for any trike I have seen unless you can fit one of those adjustable headsets into your trike, I bought some from England but fitment was not possible, so I suffered for a while until I changed tries. How could a tire change make that much difference? My point here is I still don't know, The only real differences are the size from 1.35 to 1.95, and a bit of weight as the Marathons are heavier than the Kojacks. Of course, I made sure the headsets were properly adjusted and that "toe" was set properly. I thought I didn't have the wobble on the Stein as its full suspension front uses a kingpin double A-arm suspension design and is adjustable for camber (which I never changed from factory spec) because it was a fully suspended suspension, but now I am not sure. I'd like to know if the tires can really make all that much of a difference.
Anyway, thanks for letting me join in I sure love riding a trike. No more back pain, wrist pain, & shoulder pain!! After 40 years it is time to relax on a open-wheeled human-powered (well a little bit of help now :)..) trike!


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The height, the contact patch maybe the new tire is soft enough to absorb some of the "gyrations" or was it out of balance, anyway you solved the problem, file it under experience and more than likely , your experience will help somebody along the way.
(Posts like this are almost science"adding to the body of knowledge".,)