Newbie with a new Felt Sport-e 95


New Member
Hi, all...

Just took the plunge. I'm in my 50s. I've had knee surgery and some back issues. I live in a winter city (Calgary). But I want to ride. So I took the plunge today and bought a Felt Sport-e 95--and joined this community.

Only had the bike out for an hour or so, but so far, so good. System seems quite responsive. No sign of any buzzes or hums as some have reported at any speed or in any gear. It certainly takes the stress off my knees and back when the time comes to mash it or tackle grades.

Luckily, Calgary has been busy creating bike lanes. We already had a great pathway system, but I live downtown and do a fair bit of my travel on busy urban streets. Some are physically separated, some are just demarcated by lines on the pavement. The combination of the new bike and supportive infrastructure seems great so far! (Now to get the Intuvia unit switched over from miles to kilometres...)