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Greeting from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Thank you to the folks who run this forum. I read several EBR posts while researching e-bikes, so it seemed most sensible to join - now that I finally have an e-bike.
I wanted a light(er) crossover/commuter for the ambitious intent to try to ride ~20km to work (mostly on gravel pedestrian trail). I remain saddened that I couldn’t support my local bike store, as the e-bikes I initially thought might work for me were not available until … “?”. Eventually I settled on a Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 SL EQ, spending way more $ than I had hoped to. I was lucky to find one at a dealer not too too far away, and so far I’ve found time to put in ~80km, including a test ride to work and back.
As for the rider - I used to be an avid cyclist, and cycle touring was my fav thing before parenting and life took over. At age 63, caregiver for my disabled partner and with one foot in retirement, I am trying to look after myself more. Hence the new e-bike - but with it comes WAYYYYYY too much time on the internet researching this and that about my e-bike, locks, panniers (ours don’t fit), and how to re-home 2 beloved but old and neglected analog bikes.
Wishing everyone a safe ride.


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My wife and I spent a week on Vancouver Island in 2017. It remains one of our cherished locations and tho we did not bike, I could see it as a great place to ride. I can certainly sympathize with your internet compulsion for the "new and better" additions to your ride. My advice? Look but don't buy.
Hah! Like I ever follow my own advice.
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