Newby to ebike conversion.


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Hi all out there, I'm Geoff, have a 'Giant' brand mountain bike, which I have fitted with a 250w (road legal here in the uk) front hub kit.
I also fitted two torque arms after reading a few reports of front fork dropouts failing in alloy forks.
I will be after good quality steel forks asap, for peace of mind.

I did have a bit of lathe work to get the bike together, forks were wrong type, hydraulic brake caliper needed longer posts,and steering stem bushes for the new forks with dropouts.

Any pointers to steel forks would be much appreciated, having flogged Ebay and uk dealers to their (or my) limit without success.
I had a tapered 1 1/8 to 1 1/2 1inch stem, 27.5 wheels, post mount hydraulic brakes,but I can convert the brake mounts.

Thanks for reading, I hope to both enjoy and join in here.