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Hi, here are some news since march (which complete this "old" thread:

First of all, eBikeMaps it's now 6000 members ! We're quite happy about that because the number grows mostly by word of mouth, which means people like eBikeMaps and talk about it.

Second, we revised our trip planning tool as we considered the following: instead of exactly predicting how much you will consume on a particular trip with your eBike,we thought that people wanted either to know if:
1. you can do your trip without worrying about the battery (even with full assistance)
2. you need to manage your battery power in order to arrive at destination
3. you need more than one battery, or to recharge on the way, in order to do your trip as planned

Cases 1 and 3 are easy, it's a simple go/no-go situation.
Case 2 is the most interesting and that's where eBikeMaps brings valuable information. Indeed on the map are displayed waypoints indicating the needed battery level (80%, 60%, etc) when passing by them.
You can therefore ride and adapt assistance/human power in order to respect those battery waypoints and be sure to arrive at destination.


More new stuff has been added to eBikeMaps (you can share outings, add comments, find bike partners, etc).

eBikeMaps became what it is because since the beginning users give us feedback on what they like/don't like/want/etc, so please feel free and welcome to tell us what you think about it. We know that there is room for lot of improvements, but your advices help us in prioritizing and defining a roadmap !
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