Newton Meters on a Pioneer Allroad


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I'm thinking of buying a Pioneer Allroad, does anyone know what the Newton Meters on 2014 model of this bike is?


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Um, Actually it'd be kinda nice to have the Newton Meter numbers of all the Opti Bikes so I can make an informed purchase.

For instance an E3 Peak gets a 73 NM score on torque and it's about the same price as an Allroad. I can also go buy an E3 tomorrow, with full support and spare parts, at a nearby store, no waiting for shipping, and can drive it right out of the store.

I like optibikes and am interested in buying one though, even perhaps a more expensive one than the Allroad, which really isn't a true Optibikes, if you ask me. The only deciding factor for me is the NM spec, or lack thereof. I find it odd that some companies aren't more forthcoming with torque spec info upfront. I guess they don't want the competition to know perhaps.

It makes me reluctant to buy products from them though.


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I'm not sure if you got a response from anyone about the torque specs, the pioneer allroad is advertised as a 500watt motor, which is presumably its peak power. There is a company that has a very similar (if not the same) bike/motor just in different colors and is rated for 65nm torque.


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Don't know if this helps any...
Just went for a ride and here is the wattage the display read at each level of assist. I rode on flat ground and kept a peddle cadence of around 85rpm. Here are the peddle assist levels and watts.
1=83watts, 2= 170watts, 3= 260watts, 4=385watts, 5=513watts

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Newton Meters....not sure what that is but I am sure that hiding them is some kind of criminal offense, right?


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PM Reddy Kilowatt about the Optibike Allroad, he's got one and he loves it. Probably the best person here to answer your question other than the guys at Optibike themselves.

Reddy Kilowatt

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I must say I'm surprised that the torque figure is so modest.
But it's the gears that count, and this bikes got 'em and knows how to use 'em.
I can climb the hill I descend on the fat side of 38 mph without using the granny chainring on my Allroad's touring triple.