Night Rider micro USB Heads up - don't flip the micro USB cable!

Shea N Encinitas

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Trashed two units in 60 days, symptom is won't go into charge mode. No doubt some of you are thinking well don't flip the charging cable, fair enough but when you charge everyday sometime more than once, hook it up in the dark, well it should have some fault tolerance, I've never had an issue with the GoPro mini (not micro) USB for example. So don't even try to feel your way in, mark and note the exact orientation and confirm with light pressure. You may be able to feel the usb logo with your finger and memorise the position, well I thought that too, careful it varies from model to model.

Funny thing is I upgraded lumens with each warranty replacement, micro 220, 400 & now 750. Both for the length of my ride and preferred illumination. Seriously considered connecting the Supernova to the system battery, but I use my bike light as a flashlight quite often. There you have it. -S