Nireeka Homie EBR Review - an affordably priced full suspension eMTB


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EBR Observations:

  • Nireeka has launched and shipped multiple crowd-funded products. Committing to crowd-funding campaigns before production can be a risky affair, so I appreciate that Nireeka has proven success in this area.
  • Nireeka offers three other electric bikes: the NYX and Sierra are more premium full-suspension eMTBs, and the Prime is a monster fat tire ebike, with all models sharing the same unique carbon fiber frame design as found on the Homie. The Homie is billed as a “Mountain Commuter e-Bike”, with some configuration options (such as a comfort saddle and adjustable stem) that make it a bit more comfortable for running errands around town. I think it is a good fit for a rider who likes to do some trail riding and also some getting around town, or perhaps for a mountain biker who lives some distance away from the trails and lacks a car to get to them.
  • The review bike I received had a more powerful 500-watt motor and a throttle, but the Homie is available in a 250-watt Class 1 version, which is legal in most of Europe and allowed on most mountain bike trails.
  • The base price of the Homie is $1,999 USD. The model used for this review had a handful of upgrades added, as shown this would cost $2,843 USD. I think the base model of the Homie offers a lot of value, so you probably wouldn’t need to upgrade anything except to suit specific use cases, check out the video review for more discussion on this topic!