No-Car-Kitty-Cargo e-Bike - A Very Cool Bosch Cargo Bike

Tara D.

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They have their cat ride with them on the front! That's great I wonder if I could teach my dog to ride! :) This bike looks fantastic!

Mike Smith

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One of the more original Bosch powered bikes I've seen of late!

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Look Court a place for a water bottle;)
Lol. If Court can find one place for improvement or complaint it's usually the lack of a water bottle holder or space for one. I love his reviews , but someone more tech savvy than me should do a compilation of Court's videos where he is complaining (or mentioning, lol) about no water bottle holder, it would be a hoot.


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Do you think the bike should have any suspension? Seems that would be a nice feature, at least on the front.