No Ebike is overpriced....


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Okay, I think I have read all the forums. I have concluded ebikes for many of us are the helping with the proverbial "mid life crisis."

Previously, coping with midlife crisis meant buying a Corvette, today perhaps a Tesla.

But when I read postings like this:
"Nice when I can keep up with the The looks on their faces is priceless - as you pull away from them on hills.(@grench ) "

And my recent experience of passing young'ns on some serious hill climbs has lead me to conclude that I can have "priceless" for a lot less than Vette.:)

(I bought a demo bike, no real idea if it was a good deal, but I didn't have to buy a Vette so I don't care)
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Mike Smith

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I agree. I wanted a "little red Corvette" for my 50th very badly, even a rental as a surprise for the weekend would have done it, but when that didn't happen my ebike is the next best thing. Yes hills are a bear when your over 50 unless your doing triathlons, so yes I need the added boost. Now my my wife and I are out riding again for 10 or 20 miles and getting good exercise, etc . As much as I'd love the Vette, the ebike is probably much better for me at this point. I do think that there are overpriced ebikes but that's for the individual buyer to determine for themselves. Me, personally very happy with my Diamondback Trace EXC from Performance Bikes, and my wife's Bionx conversion of a Raleigh Cameo.
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