No hitch produced for my car?


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Thank you all for the replies!
Today i picked up an Espin Flow i saw on craigslist. It was a great deal and was not used much so i went for it. The bike is around 50 lbs. My son put the bike on his roof rack, but it is definitely hard to do and i would not be able to do it myself.
I had reached out to E trailer about the craig hitch mentioned above and asked if that would fit my car. They told me that they do not have a trailer hitch that is confirmed to fit my model vehicle. Uhaul also advised they have a one year wait for a custom hitch.
I find myself being really angry that i have such a useless vehicle that cannot transport a 50 lb bike. :) Knowing me, i will end up spending $$ to get a car to transport my cheap bike.
I have reached out to a mechanic friend for any ideas and will just do rides away from home with my son for now since he can transport the bike .
Thanks again! you have all been so helpful
Good selection on the bike. Car market is crazy right now, but it might be a good time to explore what you can get for your car. I used Vroom and they were awesome. Dropped an SUV at my doorstep one day and a couple of years later came back and picked it up-and I made $$. Car guys I know say to sell your car to Carvana or Vroom as opposed to trade it to a dealer-unless $ is no issue. Of course you could always sell your car private party but who wants to deal with all the drama...