No power and the handlebar controls


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Hello, I am trying to repair an izip ultra tmm4 for a friend. from what he told me. The bike had been sitting for over 8 months. After trying to charge , the green light on the charger would come on after about 5 minutes. I removed the battery pack from the bike ,and with my fluke meter determined it to only be holding a charge of about 9 volts. Knowing a little bit about lithium batteries thought the cells memory had been shot. Talked to currie along with a couple of bike shops and they recommended to replace the battery. So after finally getting a new pack, charged it for six hours until the green light appeared, and now still am not receiving and power indication at the handlebar controls. All the connections are together and the only fuses are inside the battery. don't know where else to look. Is there something I'm missing? any help would be greatly appreciated..Thank you..

Ann M.

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@cc1336 Currie Tech has some diagnostics onboard the console for the Ultra that you can check out. Note, that the firmware and settings are the same as for the EFlow bikes and they have a step by step series for adjusting and testing the TMM sensor for both bikes. I would still recommend going through all connections into and away from the controller and the main wires to the motor just to be 100% sure. With a good battery and nothing still powering up, you might have other component failures (throttle or controller). If none of these diagnostics answer your questions, the tech team at Currie Tech can help you.