Noise only happens in 9th gear when pedalling


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Dear forum members,

Please could you help me with suggestions on what might be causing this noise with my Scott bike which has the Bosch active line plus motor, the noise only happens when I am pedalling in 9th gear on my 9spd bike.

* If I change to 8th gear the noise goes away.
* If I stop pedalling in 9th gear the noise goes away
* if I pedal lightly it does not make the sound, so this tells me it is not caused by the chain rubbing on anything.

Many thanks


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Have you tried cleaning your chain and sprockets and adjusting your shifter cable? It sounds like something small is hitting something with each rotation.


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The H screw on the derailleur may be out of adjustment or you may have a link too many in your chain that doesn’t allow enough tension in the derailleur and causing the upper jockey wheel to rub


Has it always been that way or did it start after putting the wheel back on?
The rear wheel may not be aligned in the frame. On some frames there is an error and the axle should not be fully against the end of the slot.
Mine did something similar with a new wheel due to a difference in Freewheel/cassette offset. Had to add a flat washer.