NOOBIE HERE. Kit recommendation please? Lol


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☺ Hi I am brand new to electric bike kits and this website. I know this question is probably asked all the time by noobies ( like me), but finding the right kit for me is too stressful and overwhelming because of so many technical reasons and abundance of info. Maybe this can help?

I am a 22 yr old man...5'11 in height.....about 180 lbs in weight....average physical shape for biking.

I currently live in Cleveland, Ohio and do not own a car. I wish to use my hybrid bike (Trek Verve 3) as my main transportation for around the whole area and more. Going to work, leisure trips, exercise rarely, etc. Roads and sidewalks (flat to somewhat steep hilly roads) will be used most. Dirt paths and grass too occasionally. Maybe light snow and rain too if possible. Virtually no extreme mountain biking or jumps at all.

I LOVE biking with a passion, but very long trips and long hills take a serious toll on me.

My price range is from $200 - $600. ($650 is the MOST) Need the best electric kit that has a throttle control and/or pedal assist mode.... A battery that can last around 20+ miles using motor only and enough power to blast through long, fair to steep hills with little effort on my part. Oh , I would like to still use my gears too maybe?

Any recommendations for a solid kit I should checkout that also includes a battery? Mid drive or gearless hub? 90% road usage, 10% off road, steep hills, etc.

One kit that has caught my eye is the Bafang BBS02 750watt.....don't really know a reliable, trusted seller though.....any other options? Thanks!


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Hey, I actually got the Trek Shift 3 before I got my e-bike, with the thought of building it with a kit. The more I looked into kits, the more I didn't want to tackke that. I bought a purpose built e-bike instead. Maybe a demo model could work...