Norco Sight VLT


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Weather FINALLY cooperating(well I guess it is early April in Mn so actually ahead of the game) got 10 miles on my new Norco Sight.
It was only on tar for a shakedown but...
Wow....rides like a dream.
I was first taken aback by how stable it felt. With the geometry of this bike you are really balanced. My buddy rode it for a bit and it was the first thing he said, "Man this thing is stable!"

Next the SRAM Eagle components. You click the shifter and it shifts dead on, no hesitation. I also like the push/push for shifting up and down.
Have to get it on a trail when they start opening up, but I was worried I wouldn't be getting my monies worth going to this higher end bike over my BH Rebel.
I'm here to tell---no comparison!


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Finally got a good ride on the Sight --15 miles.
I tuned the motor using the app and set eco=low Trail=low Boost=high.
I rode in Trail the whole time and it was perfect. I looked at the display maybe twice the entire ride and concentrated on shifting like a normal bike and it was great!

Starting to get use to the bike, I knew where to put my weight front to bike over bumps and how to through it around on the corners. It's a very responsive bike and I felt very comfortable on it and I was starting to push my boundaries on the corners!

I put an ISM PR 3.0 seat on it and it lowered me about an inch and my hands didn't get numb. The seat is not as plush as my big butt seat, my sit bones got tired but my crotch was fine! I'm keeping the seat! Just gotta break in my buns a little more.
The seat is also nice in that it's pretty small and it was really easy to slide off the back of it when needed.

I really like the very responsive push/push shifting of the SRAM drive train.

I have to tweak the sag a bit more, I got a pedal strike on a big bump.
But so far, this bike is awesome!
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Hit a couple more trails this weekend. I tweaked the settings on the Shimano Steps 7000 motor.
I didn't think I would like this motor as much as my Yamaha PW-se motor but I do.

It is very smooth with delivering power and you forget it's there after awhile.
I set it in trail mode and never changed it all day. It was refreshing to not keep looking down at the display all the time and switching modes.
I just rode like a non-ebike.

Even on the biggest uphill I shifted into the lower gears and climbed with ease, never switching the mode.
I blew by my 26 year old son!