North American dealers?

Captain Slow

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Is there a list of North American dealers for SmartMotion? I am surprised this forum is not more active. I've read reviews of the Pacer and it seems to be a tremendous bike, but the lack of traffic on this forum makes me think there haven't been a ton sold.

I know I wanted to buy one but at the time I bought a bike there were no dealers anywhere close to me. I was even willing to drive to Seattle to get one.

Ann M.

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@Captain Slow, The SmartMotionUSA website lists a number of dealers around the US with contact info, not a huge number; however, someone should be able to help you. Saw the Pacer at the last Interbike at LectricCycles space and am impressed with all of the features for the $$. Think it's a very good bike for the price.

Arizona Adam

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I own a Pacer GT with the Shimano Alfine 8 gear and belt drive. I have to say, this bike draws a lot of attention. I dont think I could ever go back to chain and cassette again, after having a bike with belt drive. Smartmotion has a great product, but dealers are lacking.