Not a Super73 but may be a Challenger? Freego DK200 1200 watt Adventure Ebike


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I am sure some people will object to this posted here but there is no Freego brand in the forums and this ebike has almost the identical power train as the Super73 R series. It is 1200 watts (stamped on motor) with a 48 volt 20 Ah battery. Single speed with hydraulic brakes and it will do 28+mph.

Today I towed my 60 pound dog around in her trailer on a ride and run through the dunes and hit 26mph in throttle only and took a steep hill I would normally have to down shift and peddle on any other ebike.

This Freego is also much lighter and I can pick it up with one arm and about 60 pounds. Has a 4 inch thick motorcycle grade foam seat, from suspension and comes with the fenders, and integrated headlight and tail light.

It s presently only available on Ebay and is listed as off road because that 1200 watt motor is over US road limit but around here no one cares.

Anyway, check out the video and ebike on ebay and I think it is a challenger to the Super73, Juiced Scrambler and Ariel D class at a much lower price.

Ok, let the bashing commence!

Tazaroo Adventure Dog.PNG Freego and Trailer in Dunes.PNG
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