Not sure BBS02 suits me??


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Hi everybody,

First of all I'm new on the forum and newbie in this amaizing world.
I need your help guys!!! Finally after serching a lot on the internet trying to find out wich configuration suit me better, I eventually decided the mid drive option.
Bafang 36v and 500W. Regarding battery I think a 36v 13Ah would be nice.
My question comes here, my bike is a Canyon Nerve 7.0 2012. The frame shape at the BB is a bit thicker than normal, and I have some doubts buying it. I attached some pics for better undestanding.
Also, the water bottle screws are too close to the damper, and not sure if the battery case would fit.

What do you think?
Thanks a lot


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I didn't have to do it, as my bike fit nicely, but I believe that users use washers and longer screws to attach the ring to the motor on a 73mm bottom bracket. Not my picture or my bike, but you can see the gap to be filled with washers. Make sure you use longer screws so that the same amount of thread is used.

This kit will likely require some hands on mechanical skill and tools. . It took me a couple of hours to remove the pedal arms on my 15 year old mountain bike, and I ended up sawing them off. The BBS02, like many others, wouldn't slide thru the frame. Had to use my drill with a hone to smooth out the hole.

My battery didn't fit on the water bottle mounts either. Make a card board cutout of the battery and see if there is room. Many owners, including me, added hose clamps to the bottom of the battery cradle. Two of these, and one of the bottle screws have held one of my batteries in.

Still, I cannot say it will suit you. If the battery won't fit in the diamond, it's tricky to mount one on a bike with that suspension.