NOVUS unveils beautiful new electric motorcycle


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Not an eBike.... but I want one! Sustainable transportation can be beautiful. ;)

A year and a half ago German startup NOVUS unveiled the first prototype of their new carbon fiber electric motorcycle. The design has since been updated into a more robust bike, yet the sky-high price has remained just as lofty. I’m not going to bury the lede here. The NOVUS electric motorcycle is priced at €39,900 without VAT or €46,284 with VAT. That’s US$47,000 or US$54,500, for whoever that helps. Yikes. Alright, so what are you getting for that much money? Well, we’re actually talking about a pretty stunning and absolutely unique electric motorcycle, if you can afford it.





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Is not very practical. Can i carry my surfboard, 24oz drink, groceries, my e scooter , or other stuff ? My ebike can , not all at once of course.
If they could build a box for carrying some things it may be more useful.

Is anything similar at lower price ?? Looks amazing., great specs.